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Tribute: Bouquet of Birthday in honour of Hon. Henry Mordi

Hon.Henry Mordi
aka Ojokojo
Age may be a number but life is certainly a battle. And if the life is that of the urbane and personable,the personal Aide to Distinguished Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi(Hon. Henry Mordi aka Ojokojo),then life is not only a battle–it is a full blown war.Ever since he adorned himself as a soldier for good,he has had no reprieve from the unrelenting forces of evil. He is caught in the vortex of the eternal battle between good and evil.

Indeed, to those who know him up close and personal, Ojokojo is an enigma: humble,self-effacing,fashion mogul,efficient by nature, diligent, always thinking about things he needs to accomplish or how to get ahead on his next assignment,a complete Libra,if you care to assess him by his Zodiac sign. But in plain terms, he is a case of a man who set out to always make a difference wherever he found himself. Not the kind of difference other men pursue to grandstand, but the type that impacts humanity and makes life easier for people. And of this, his track record is unassailable. A look back at his trajectory gives a chronicle of exemplary service to his community and a profile of pure patriotism from an individual.

Hon.Henry Mordi aka Ojokojo is the quintessential leader and gentleman. He is the embodiment of cerebral articulation, the essence of unparalleled philanthropy, the epitome of intellection and breathtaking simplicity, the personification of undiluted humanness, the perfect example of leadership symbolism, the paragon of idealism, the soul of humanity, the heart of warrior, the perfect

Ojokojo is celebrating his birthday today and to put the epochal celebration in proper perspective, he attained the midpoint of midlife at the exciting peak and the proper prime of his mercurial powers where, poised like the bronzed champion, glowing flamboyantly in the golden flame of his decade, prepares himself to capture and conquer arguably, the one ultimate laurel for which his superlative gifts and brilliance clamour to be manifestly celebrated with maximum political aplomb woven into the matrix of an intrepid homogeneous ubiquity.

A true brother,elegant,handsome,dark and unblemished in the magisterial lithe and athleticism of folkloric Kings and heroes,with clear, unfettered, excellent diction and oratory,his brilliant smile like sparkling sun radiating from crystal clear eyes and embellished by the clean-shaven glistening scalp. Ojokojo is down to earth and corporate-smart, from the various experiences of home-bred grooming, ivy league sojourns in first class institutions and the inspirational influence and unparalleled, unquantifiable tutelage from the grand master himself,Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, Ojokojo is an accomplished technocrat, politician and grassroots mobilizer on his own merit.

A man of immense mettle and completely detribalized human being with a profound depth of character, whose humility, devoid of discrimination, embraces all and sundry, he soars like an eagle and exudes reverence and integrity. A pragmatic leader full of benevolence, he gives hope to the hopeless, Job to the jobless and welfare and succor to the poor and needy. To everyone who crosses his path, he is a light. He is a friend to all,a helper to many and a visionary man bubbling with the ideals of entrenching a united, peaceful, harmonious vision for his community and the world. Honest, Transparent, Dependable, uncomplicated and full of wisdom, Hon. Henry Mordi aka Ojokojo can change you effortlessly, with his word.

Brother, though even the sun will one day run out of fuel, our love for you shall last forever. we thank God each and every day for giving us a brother like you. On your birthday, we want to thank you for being the best brother, friend anyone could ever hope for.You are such a great brother in the world because you are so loving, caring, protective, and supportive.Your legendary generosity and willingness to do good at all times is documented in the hearts of millions.That is why on your birthday, You deserves a toast and song, “Happy birthday to you…” Above all, You deserves a prayer from everyone who is on the side of truth in the eternal battle between truth and falsehood.
Happy birthday to the regent,Ojokojo-Burger!

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