By: Ike Philip Abiagom

Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi(SPON)
The Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi(SPON) Media Team and Delta State All Progressives Congress (APC) have noted yet with concern the tales and ramblings issued by PDP as a press release; which to all discerning members of the public is full of sounds and fury, signifying nothing. It is our belief that Deltans should be spared the trauma of a reminder of the disaster of PDP’s 16 YEARS OF MISADVENTURE in government. It should allow Deltans forgive it for the numerous transgressions and agony it had put Deltans through many years of misrule which their National Chairman had rightly publicly apologised to Nigerians.

The attention of the Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi(SPON), representing Delta North Senatorial District, and Chairman, Senate Committee on Niger Delta affairs, has been drawn to a recent, press release signed by the Delta State PDP Publicity Secretary, Dr Ifeanyi Osuoza. The press release is most uncharitable, childish,very uncultured, and a most harangue that can only emanate from a demented political vagabond.

The All Progressive Congress (APC) Delta State recently inaugurated it’s state executives at it’s Secretariat Asaba the Delta State capital. Senator Peter Nwaoboshi while addressing members of the APC Delta State present, said that APC Delta State will defeat PDP in Delta State come 2023 General elections because there’s no rigging plans that PDP in Delta State will spring up with, that APC will not foil. According to the Senator, the battle has started. It’s total political battle. Not the battle involving the use of guns and explosives, PDP will have themselves to blame should they try to instigate or initiate violence during the elections.

I personally do not see any form of threat or ambiguity in Senator Nwaoboshi’s statement . And I found the attack by PDP through Dr. Ifeanyi Osuoza on his press release so disgusting and a confirmation that Delta State PDP is afraid of Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi(SPON) and his defection to APC last year has caused a lot of political brouhaha to the PDP in the state and Nigeria in general.
As a matter of fact, Senator Peter Nwaoboshi who is now the leader of APC in Delta North was only encouraging APC faithful to take the coming election seriously to win more members into APC and to rescue Delta State from the strong grip and unproductive rule of PDP and poor leadership in running the affairs of the state in terms of providing good governance in the state.

Dr Osuoza misfired in his press release because there was nothing said by our Senator to warrant a negative press release judging by the clear statement made by Senator Peter Nwaoboshi- asking the new State APC Exco and members to gear up for the forthcoming General elections as a political battle is figuratively asking APC to get prepared in all forms. Delta State PDP should know that Senator Peter Nwaoboshi is not only speaking from his indebt knowledge of PDP’s operational mechanisms but as a political master strategist, Political oracle and a game changer in Delta State Polities.

it becomes petinent to reassert, briefly Nwaoboshi’s very distinguished and incontestable contributions to PDP. Senator Peter Nwaoboshi was the states pioneer founding Party Secretary. The Party’s first office at the State capital, Asaba was hosted by Nwaoboshi in his legal chambers from where the Ibori led government was elected; Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi(SPON) defended the Delta State structure of PDP severally against the ‘political ambush’ from others so much that under his instr-instructive eight years tenure-ship as State Chairman PDP, this structure became the vehicle through which Governor Okowa and many others were elected into office; Most Distinguished Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi(SPON) hosted a meeting of Delta North political stakeholders after Governor Okowa ‘cried to him desperately with other Anioma leaders of thought, etc, to assist him secure the 2015 gubernatorial ticket, a feat SPON and others accomplished.

Senator Nwaoboshi cannot be a liability to any political party formation as stated by Dr Osuoza rather he is a plus to APC because he is highly rooted in the grassroots .

Senator Nwaoboshi remains the Apostle of EQUITY and the actualization of Anioma Governor Agenda which the incumbent Governor Okowa is a beneficiary today. And such a skillful and diligent political personality should be an asset to APC. Besides, there is no case of anti party charges press against him while in PDP because he maintains limits.
On the issue of indictment from the NDDC audit report, PDP is not vested with any prosecuting roles. So, they should leave that to the authority in charge to implement the audit report and let’s see.

To set the records straight, Most Distinguished Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi(SPON) posits emphatically that there is no criminal corruption case subsisting against him. The only criminal case which they instigated from their stable was the money laundering case which he won last year at a Lagos high court.
Senator Nwaoboshi hereby challenges the Delta PDP to furnish the world with any information linking him with any criminal corruption charge in any court as the Party fraudulently reported Politics in Nigeria has gone dynamic and it will be foolhardy for PDP to believe that they must remain in Delta State Government House beyond 2023.

Most States in Nigeria that where hitherto PDP controlled States are now APC and Delta State cannot be an exception going by political dynamisms.
I wondered how anyone with a conscience would align with the position of the PDP,“It is ludicrous to listen to this kind of vituperation coming from ruling party in the state.APC has said Peoples Democratic Party(PDP)is plotting to “heighten tension, trigger crisis, instigate violence and derail democratic practice and peaceful co-existence in Delta State.”

The party also said that the PDP is plotting to “impose an official reign of terror on the state by trying to use state apparatus of power to obliterate the APC and stifle its constitutionally guaranteed rights in the state.”

it has become clear that the PDP-led Delta state government is bent at ensuring that our APC does not exist in Delta State. We have been made aware that the plot is to obliterate the APC and foist an oppressive one-party system on the state.

“The APC vehemently condemns this act of political brigandage and intolerance by the PDP in Delta state, which is obviously aimed to destabilize the state for their selfish agenda. The PDP is threatened by the soaring popularity of the APC in Delta State for which they are seeking all ways to frustrate the APC ahead of 2023 elections.

“The PDP should however know that such shenanigans cannot cow or stop the APC, which is already enjoying the support and solidarity of the majority of the people of Delta State.

“Our party cautions the PDP, Delta state government and agents of Governor Okowa to steer clear of Most Distinguished Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi(SPON) and APC in the state.


Ike Philip Abiagom

SPON Media

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