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Senator Nwaoboshi’s Camp Fires At Delta PDP, Over Their Baseless Press Release

Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi (SPON)


The attention of the Most Distinguished Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi, SPON, representing Delta North District, and Chairman Senate Committee on Niger Delta was drawn to the rather alarmist, ‘panicky written quackery’ and ‘pussy – footing’ lying piece of trash in the form of a press release credited to the person of the Delta State Publicity Secretary, (PDP) Dr. Ifeanyi Osuoza, supposedly a Doctorate degree holder, whose present ‘cunningly’ presented effort mocks his qualification.

That a ‘pretentious intellectual’ will shamefully contradict the facts he provided himself in this incredible ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ master class performance in ‘propagandist misinformation’ technique tells a lot about the extent the confused Party and its ‘alarmist toddler handlers’ will go into the ‘gutters of infamy’ to implant false consciousness on the unsuspecting Delta citizens at large.

One remarkable, yet distressing feature of this ‘thunderously grotesque’ press release that commits the highest form of intellectual fraud betraying decency, integrity, and civility – is that Osuoza contradicted his opening statement with the facts he provided, in this press release, beating about the bush incredibly, hence amazingly leaving the reading public with no doubt that he paradoxically, drips with the dropout of a nefariously unserious ‘tom and Jerry comedian’ masquerading as the image-maker of the politically tormented PDP, Delta State now gruesomely scandalized and ‘debranded’ by the nepotistic and fiscal irresponsibility with ‘ghostly budgetary figures’ of misgovernance unfortunately unleashed on Deltans under the ‘jackboot’ of Governor Okowa’s inglorious misrule. Now they have resorted to lying openly to themselves and deceiving the reading public shamelessly with reckless abandon.

Osuoza, supposedly a Ph.D. holder, was nominated for the post of State Publicity Secretary by Spon as then State Chairman after the 2015 elections. This was after the ‘physical and electoral beating’ an opposition party gave him in one of the units of his ward in his LGA where he held forth for the party as LGA Party Chairman. It smacks of lack of integrity and crass betrayal to display this ‘aberrant ungrateful behavior’ to his master regardless. He is however obviously in a ‘panic mood’ as it should be anytime the ‘sensational ‘lionic – iconic’ Ambassador, Spon sneezes. At such times ‘political midgets’ like Osuoza panics by displaying abominable unbecoming intellectual flaws in amateurish, and abysmal fashion in an attempt to misinform the Delta public and beyond thereby pleasing his new masters.

For instance, in his opening statement he posited:

“The Delta State PDP has lampooned Chief Peter Nwaoboshi, the present Senator representing Delta North Senatorial zone in the National assembly, over his boast to defeat PDP in Delta State by any means possible, including violence, in the next general election, describing it as attention-seeking rabble from a failed politician who knows he has nothing to offer”.

Curiously, in the third paragraph of this incredibly ridiculous and poorly crafted press release he confused the issues by completely contradicting himself when he quoted Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi’s statement, to wit:

“There is no rigging plan that I don’t know. The battle has started. It is total war. Not the war involving the use of firearms; but they will have themselves to blame should they try that”.

Where in this quoted statement did Sen. Nwaoboshi say he will defeat PDP in Delta state by violence as Osuoza posited? Rather, Nwaoboshi asserted as an informed member of the Senate committee on intelligence that if PDP deploys violence ” they will have themselves to blame”.

Is it not obvious that Osuoza willfully misquoted Spon out of context, and proceed in his inglorious perfidy against objective truth shamelessly in an attempt to hide the obvious nature of a Delta PDP suffering from acute decay and decadent paralysis which the facts available to the public clearly points to.

A pointer to Spon’s proactive vision in warning the PDP on the consequences of deploying violence to prosecute the upcoming elections against their political opponents manifested glaringly when a controversial, very prominent member of the PDP, a close associate of the State Governor whose wife is not only a ranking member of the State House of assembly but one of the longest-serving members; Chief Fred Ajudua, was captured on audio allegedly asserting boastfully to the consternation of peace-loving Nigerians that he owns and controls an armory with sophisticated guns and weaponry of at least 30 AK47 – adding allegedly in the audio that the State Governor is aware of this fact. This issue is before the law enforcement agencies and the law court.

Why will the image maker of PDP lie willfully against the person of the Most Distinguished Senator, even as he provided the factual verbatim proof exonerating our Senator from violent proclivity, yet proceed willfully, obnoxiously, vexatiously, and alarming like a ‘Judas Iscariot, double-faced personality’ to accuse our Senator unjustifiably? Is this not a sign of a drowning ‘group of swimmers’ who will hold on to anything just to survive? Is this psychologically not indicative of a Delta PDP suffering from the ‘post traumatic syndrome’ of the heavy loss of our indefatigable political knowledge management guru, Spon to the now renaissance/ resurgent Delta Apc?

This pattern of misinformation pervaded most issues raised by a misguided Osuoza.

Take the issue of his claim in using the metaphor that the okro can never grow more than its owner hence alluding that Spon is a product of PDP and so he will always be put under the PDP. What can be farther from the truth than this hogwash? Here the ‘alarmist Ph.D. toddler’ completely misapplied the concept of human capital usage and application in a new knowledge economy. What a pseudo propagandist.

Is PDP the owner of the cognate skills, brainpower and experiences that Spon has garnered in politics? Did PDP as an institution withhold the political prowess, dexterity, talent, technocratic management and skills which he garnered over the years from the mentorship since the 1970s by greats like the late Sen Nosike Ikpo, Rt.Hon Osadebey, Prof Ambrose Alli, Alhaji Shehu Musa, to mention but a few, hence supposedly can prevent Spon from deploying this huge political asset in his present Party the Great APC?

We then ask, who are these so-called owners of SPON in Delta PDP that will always defeat him or teach him the rudiments of the game? Could it be Governor Okowa who Spon has so far bested in legislative representation viz bills, projects attracted, and committee chairmanship positions at the senate; or is it the State Chairman of PDP, an inexperienced political actor still at the nursery bed of learning the political ropes, or a pitiable Osuoza, the Publicity Secretary who will write a press release and contradict himself with the facts he provided himself in amateurish display?

Spon is a goldfish; a political figure of immense proportion who led other leaders from the front line first as the Pioneer State Secretary of PDP in 1998, then as PDP State Chairman; hence he knows his onions and understands fully the inner workings of the PDP so much that he is in a position to dislodge PDP in the forth – coming elections, moreso with the level of apathy, disenchantments and anguish of Deltans as a result of Governor Okowa’s nepotism.

Finally, no amount of fallacious statements unbecoming from the PDP can save its sinking ship from drowning. Osuoza, the ‘pretentious intellectual’ is advised to render apologies not only to Spon but to Deltans as a whole for willfully deluding them with fallacious alarmist tales of violence purportedly from Spon unbecoming; a fact he provided in this obnoxiously written ‘flip-flopping piece of sodom and Gomorrah’ infantile propagandist invective.

Philip Elueme

Legislative Aide to Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi

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