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Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi: The Quintessence of an Excellent Leader @65

By: Ike Philip Abiagom

Most Distinguished Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi (SPON)
“Greatness is a property for which no man can receive credit too soon; it must be possessed long before it is acknowledged.”When one of the world’s greatest thinkers, Ralph Waldo Emerson handed down the above words of wisdom, those he had in mind were certainly the likes of Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi(SPON) . For the trail-blazing Political mogul par excellence from Ibusa, Delta State, it is certainly impossible to gloss over his attributes for greatness. Senator Nwaoboshi is a man of qualities, he is a father, grassroots man and a Political Juggernaut, a  philanthropist,a man of integrity,a man of valour, the bringer of rain.In the gallery of great leaders and great men, he is without doubt, a rare masterpiece.

Senator Nwaoboshi is celebrating his 65th birthday today and to put the epochal celebration in proper perspective, he is already a member of sexagenarian club at the exciting peak and the proper prime of his mercurial powers where, poised like the bronzed champion, glowing flamboyantly in the golden flame of his decade, prepares himself to capture and conquer arguably, the one ultimate laurel for which his superlative gifts and brilliance clamour to be manifestly celebrated with maximum political aplomb woven into the matrix of an intrepid homogeneous ubiquity.

When great men celebrate, even the stars bow in solemn hallow. As the two term senator representing Delta North at the upper chambers celebrates his 65th birthday today (June 29, 2022), the periscope is focused on a man who has given his all to create peace, tranquility and progress for his people and the Niger-Delta region as a whole.
Gradually, our distinguished senator is full member of sexagenarian club, healthy, hearty, resolute and focused. As he ages, it is never a dull moment for a man who has spent the greater part of his life to render selfless service to humanity.

Senator Nwaoboshi is down to earth and corporate-smart, from the various experiences of home-bred grooming,grand master himself,is an accomplished businessman, technocrat, politician and grassroots mobilizer on his own merit. A man of immense mettle and a completely detribalized human being with a profound depth of character, whose humility, devoid of discrimination, embraces all and sundry, he soars like an eagle and exudes reverence and integrity. A pragmatic leader full of benevolence, he gives hope to the hopeless, Job to the jobless and welfare and succor to the poor and needy. To everyone who crosses his path, he is a political light.He is a friend to all, a role model to the young Politicians, a helper to many and a visionary man bubbling with the ideals of entrenching a united, peaceful, harmonious vision for his community and the world. Honest, transparent, dependable, uncomplicated and full of wisdom, Senator Nwaoboshi can change you effortlessly, with his word.

Describing Nwaoboshi as a child of circumstances with a great destiny is like stating the obvious.It is often said that some were born great, while others attained or achieved greatness. For Nwaoboshi, it is a combination of being born great and working hard to attain greatness.

At 65, Senator Peter Nwaoboshi has packed in that relatively old age, a record of achievements that is the envy of his peers. Born on the 29th of June 1957 into the family of late Obi Francis Nwaoboshi of Idumu Obi, Isieke, Ibusa, Oshimili North Local Government Area of Delta State, He is an intellectual with four Degrees, BA Hons (1986), LLB Law, University of Benin, BL,Nigeria Law School Lagos, LLM Masters Degree from Delta State University, Abraka.His parents late Obi Francis Nwaoboshi and Obi(Mrs) Agnes Nwaoboshi, may not have imagined the great heights their then little child was destined for. But as the legendary Professor Chinua Achebe would say, a chick that will grow to be a cock is known the day it was hatched.

Oracle is not only the Pride of Oshimili North but also the Pride of the entire Anioma nation for whom he had waged countless political wars for and won virtually all, just like the Greek mythological Odyssey who fought and won difficult battles in History, the Political Oracle of our time also fought and won many battles even those considered as herculean in nature for Anioma people,one of such is ensuring the emergence of the first Delta North born Delta State Governor in 2015 Governorship election against all odds.

He is also a Political Administrator with vast experience of over 40 years. He was A Political Aide to the then Governor of defunct Bendel State in 1979, Chairman NRC, old Oshimili LGA from 1991-93, State Deputy Chairman DPN Party from 1995-97. He was one of the FOUNDING MEMBERS OF PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC PARTY (PDP), Delta State Chapter, the first State Secretary General, PDP Delta State Chapter in 1998. Indeed his Chambers was made the first PDP Secretariat, Delta Chapter, he was a Political Adviser to Chief James Onanefe Ibori, the then Governor of Delta State. He was Commissioner for Agriculture and Special Duties Abuja respectively. Chairman Raw Material Research and Development Council, Abuja. He was a member Board of Directors, NEXIM Bank International and the Chairman of Committee in charge of Credit Facilities. He is the Father of Equity in Delta Politics, whose struggle gave birth to the emergence of Governor Uduagha in 2007. He was elected PDP Delta State Party Chairman in 2008, later re-elected for his 2nd term in 2012. As the Party Chairman he built a befitting PDP Secretariat for Delta State PDP which was described by former National PDP Chairman, Adamu Muazu as the best and biggest in Nigeria, he was the only PDP state Party Chairman till date to have bought brand new cars for 25 PDP L.G.A Party Chairmen Responding to his people’s (ANIOMA) call, he resigned his Party Chairmanship position to contest for the DELTA NORTH SENATORIAL SEAT in 2015.

His vibrancy and dynamism at the National cannot be pushed over. He has really voiced out for his people, fought for his people’s common goals-Anioma Governorship Agenda. This today has Anioma People achieved. He remains the only Senator who knows the plight, feelings and desires of his People-Anioma People.

The Oracle within a short period of time in Nigeria Senate had been able to amplify the voice of Delta North like never before and also proved himself a force to reckon with among frontline players of our national politics.

Nwaoboshi distinguished himself in all the sectors he served. He is arguably one of the most successful politicians the Niger Delta have produced in recent times. His influence and popularity at the Upper chambers were not earned through a walk in the park, rather by the dint of his determination to make his people happy. His story is a very loaded one, his development efforts also extended to the Niger Delta region even though he is still a two term senator. He was deeply involved in negotiations with Niger Delta agitators because of his present position as the Senate Committee chairman on Niger Delta ,which let to peace in the region. Of course, where there is peace, there is development.

If one counts every infrastructure dotted all over the Niger Delta, a greater percentage of them would definitely bear his finger of approval and influence .Even his ardent critics concede to him that his sojourn in office garnered stellar propensities that have till date remained a yardstick for measuring performance in that resource – rich region of Niger Delta.

Therefore today let me on behalf the SENATOR PETER ONYELUKACHUKWU NWAOBOSHI MEDIA (SPON MEDIA TEAM) join the rest of Delta Northerners, Deltans and Nigerians at large today to Celebrate our iconoclastic Senator Barr Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi, our Principal, Sir We Wish many more years to the service of humanity.

Cheers !!!

Happy birthday sir!

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