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Nwaoboshi: Carrying the Hopes and Aspirations of Anioma People on his Broad shoulders

By: Ike Philip Abiagom
Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi (SPON) has every reason to celebrate the second anniversary of his second tenure as the man who represents Delta North Constituency in the senate. From every political calculation and calibration, the unequivocal conclusion is that he is a man of the people who emblematizes the Divine injunction that “Power comes from God alone.”

In 2015, Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi (SPON), former PDP Delta State Chairman, found himself in the eye of a raging political storm, contrived and fermented by treacherous forces, who betrayed a political vision and threatened to completely overturn and dismantle a well nurtured political agenda to achieve their own selfish power grabbing ambitions.

Pitted against the backdrop of a manipulated and confronted by the real threat of political annihilation in the face of a viscous opposition that will stop at nothing to secure victory, Senator Nwaoboshi found himself literally and practically isolated and surrounded as the last man standing and the only hope for the redemption and protection of the political soul of Delta North.

However, he was greatly loved, admired and adored by the people of Anioma Nation as their champion. Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi took on the opposition, both within and externally, battled them to a standstill, defeated them on all fronts and won the election convincingly. Senator Nwaoboshi ascended the throne, carrying the hopes and aspirations of Anioma people on his broad shoulders.

Fast forward to 2019: The viscious, acrimonious opposition, empowered with the added authority of directing their second term campaign, deployed the full weight of both mercenary to the political battlefield. Traditional war songs reigned and echoed ominously at the venues of every campaign stomp and the poisoned manifesto rhetoric reeked of bitterness, inciting anger, unbridled hatred and imageries of political purgatory worse than Dante’s inferno, in the event of political defeat.

But Senator Nwaoboshi was fully prepared and ready for them and believing in his superior strategic plans and greatly buoyed by the resilient will of the people, the tide would once again turn to victory in the quite remarkable life of this political Colossus. The opposition had already perfected their machinery to cause disruptions of the electoral process instigate unrest to nullify voting in certain areas, abduct and hold electoral officials hostage replacing them with compromised lackeys and aid the snatching of election materials by unknown persons. All these were in their handbook of practical guidelines on Election Day and were implemented to the letter.

The last straw was in the Federal High Court, Abuja when Justice Ahmed Mohammed, in a Judgment, held that Nwaoboshi, who is a serving senator, was not the winner of the October 2, 2018 Peoples Democratic Party (PDP’s) primary held to select candidate for the 2019 general election. Justice Mohammed subsequently ordered the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to publish the name of Ned Nwoko as candidate of the PDP, having established the fact before the court that Nwoko scored majority of the lawful votes at the primary election. The court also barred Nwaoboshi from parading himself as the candidate of the PDP for the senatorial but because his mandate was ordained by God, Senator Nwaoboshi reclaimed the peoples mandate.

So, Senator Nwaoboshi has a plethora of reasons to celebrate the second anniversary of his second tenure in office,but in typical charismatic, all action fashion. It is almost three years now,that the Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, who represents Delta North Constituency in the senate, and currently the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Niger Delta Affairs was sworn in as a SENATOR, after he was re-elected by the people of Delta North, to represent them in the National Assembly for the second time, as his one good term deserved another.

Before now, the generality of Delta North had wanted a consolidation of the good and people oriented representation of the Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, a first timer, that stunned everybody with his new order of representation- a paradigm shift from the rather oligarchic and plutocratic form of government, that was the case of the Anioma people, to a system of leadership that epitomized democracy via humble, God fearing personality and egalitarian who feels the pulse of the people.He came out with a campaign slogan: “Lets Walk the Walk”; and immediately, the project was greeted with passion and enthusiasm leading to his being voted for massively, the second time.

Like, the dictum, “He’s tested and trusted”, the massive vote from Delta North in the last general election, was triggered by the obvious testimonial of Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, whose first time leadership was characterized with human capital empowerment, palpable dividends of democracy, social empowerment, women empowerment, youth empowerment, scholarships and vibrant representation in the senate.

Before April 11, 2015, the SPON Campaign team, with its principal went round all the communities in Anioma Nation, with the campaign manifesto of hope, advancement and prosperity. He made promises, irrespective of the economic challenges ravaging the country, but he hasn’t held this as a yardstick not to fulfill his promises to his people. Just three years into his second return to the National Assembly, he has fulfilled almost all his campaign promises and he has not relented in raising the bar, each passing day.

Nwaoboshi has become a phenomenon that must be reckoned with, as his rescue and empowerment mission remains a fortified force within the polity. From “Lets Walk the Walk”; it’s now, “let Consolidate”, in Delta North. Within a three years,Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, has reasonably changed the game and has raised the standard that will be difficult for any representative or politician within and around Anioma nation to beat because he is presently the best  Anioma representative any time any day.

He started with harmonizing the leadership of Anioma nation, synchronizing all divides and views in the trado-political leadership of Anioma nation and Niger Delta in general. Because of his passion for youths empowerment and positive engagement, Nwaoboshi has instituted a youth empowerment cum involvement strategy, which gives every youth a sense of belonging. Nwaoboshi has been able to harmonize Anioma youths, irrespective of their divergent opinions and views about life and government.

Within three years, the “Empowerment Master” as he is now fondly called, has facilitated the appointments of young men and women into positions of influence and affluence, within and outside the political terrain of Delta State. Because of his passion for human capital development, he has institutionalized a process of ensuring academic excellence in order to raise Giants in various strata of human life, through his foundation.

In my life history, I have not known representative like Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, who attaches great importance to poverty eradication and lifting the people out of the various stages of poverty and helping people achieve their dreams and success including raising people to various leadership levels.

My prayers everyday is for God to raise more leaders like Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, I have not seen a compassionate leader like him, Leadership Must Be By Example Or It Is Not Leadership.This is one reason why Senator Nwaoboshi is loved by all including his political critics. I passionately urge the Good People of Anioma Nations to support our Most Distinguished Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi to continue to ventilate outstanding developmental sagacity in governance for the development of Anioma Communities.

As a Leader of value, dependable and trusted politician who would take bullets for his friends while fighting for Equity and Justice, we salute the courage and diligence of the Ibusa born political tactician. You are the greatest political leader in Oshimili North Local Government Area and a role model for every youths in Delta North and Nigeria in general.

Oracle in Politics.

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