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Omo-Agege Is our next Governor come 2023-Hon Nnabuife

By: Ike Philip Abiagom

The APC Chairman of Oshimili North Local Government, Hon. Austin Nnabuife aka Ojeagbue , has stated that His Excellency Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, CFR, Deputy President of the Senate and Governorship candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Delta State is our next governor come 2023 in the State.

He said with the task ahead, all APC members are also campaign coordinators, mobilizers and canvassers for the party at all levels in the State. That this – membership of the Party – was what he referred to as the “entire team”. Nothing that as faithful party members, they must be committed to the party leadership, because its decision is supreme and every member must be prepared to accept such decisions.

Nnabuife asserted that “It is only the APC that has the capacity to defeat this monster, the cabal called PDP in Delta State. The movement to form a new government in the State is not about APC members alone, but a task for all Deltans. I, therefore, charge members of the Campaign Council to ensure total victory for the party during the forth-coming general elections. The task for all of you is to make sure APC emerges victorious in all elective offices up to the Presidency.

“We must take back our dear State from Governor Ifeanyi Okowa who with his cohorts, have held our state hostage. After over 7 years of Okowa, one thing we all agree on is that there is a huge gap between the funds Delta State received, generated and borrowed; even recklessly, and what Okowa’s government has done. This has left our state seriously undermined in so many ways that are too numerous to count. Okowa misused and wasted our hard-earned resources. And when the state ran out of funds, he embarked on a reckless borrowing spree, thereby mortgaging our future and those of our unborn children.


“And now he wants to handover to his stooge, Speaker Sheriff Francis Oborevwori whose House which he heads, approved every kobo that was wasted and stolen to protect himself from accountability. For 5 years of Sheriff’s speakership, the Delta State House of Assembly has been a rubber stamp, giving everything Okowa asks for without effective oversight, thereby undermining the entire idea of the Separation of Powers enshrined in our Constitution as well as weakening our democracy.


“We all remember what happened to Rt. Hon. Monday Igbuya when he dared to ask questions, when he tried to do his job and provide the checks and balances our Constitution demands. He was fired for trying to scrutinize executive actions as the legislature must do. And because power corrupts and absolutely power corrupts absolutely, we ended up with an uncontrolled state government that has since turned its back on the people of Delta State.”

He maintained that it is common knowledge to all that the present ruling People’s Democratic Party – PDP in Delta has failed woefully in bestowing credible and visionary leadership to drive the yearnings of the people. That in all development indices, Delta State under PDP cannot compete with neighbouring States in education, agriculture and quality infrastructure.

“This is a big shame for a State that had been a pace setter, first with our sister Edo, as Bendel, and even as Delta State since 1991. Delta State is the highest receiver of Federal allocation and 13 per cent derivation, yet, the State is also the second most indebted State in the country. The seemingly chaotic socio-political and economic environment in Delta State requires a leader with the necessary skills and knowledge, to work with a qualified team to address the systemic bottlenecks that have hindered the development of the State.

“This is the time to terminate the ill-conceived Okowa dynasty. So I ask you all here and every Deltan, wherever they may be right now, every resident, both indigenes and non-indigenes in Delta North, Delta South and Delta Central to get ready to work, get ready to fight for our dear state and get ready to win on the 11th of March 2023. The DPS stated.

Nnabuife pledged the readiness of the APC administration in the State to establish a strong, resilient, inclusive and prosperous economy that generates opportunity, jobs and wealth, while lifting the poor out of poverty, through the implementation of people-oriented programmes and policies.

“Our vision is to make the State a model for others. We are going to bring new ideas and innovative policy solutions, under a government that gives the people a sense of belonging. These we have summed up in our ‘EDGE to BAND’ plan.


Our manifesto seeks to rebuild and reinvigorate the State. We will tackle head on the scary rate of unemployment by prioritizing public investment in agriculture and tech-driven entrepreneurship. We will change the business ecosystem of the State to create an investment-friendly environment that makes access to funds and infrastructure a natural way of life.” He added.


He said his APC emphasis would be on human capital development, agriculture, tourism, infrastructure, housing and other labour-intensive interventions, which are core on the Party agenda for the State. And that they are going to engage with vigour on all fronts and build a brand-new Delta.

“APC government will deliberately create an enabling environment for industries and manufacturing, establish technology hubs, set up small businesses, loan guarantee schemes, and promote skills acquisition and set up Career Development Centres for Deltans.

“Our governmemt will guarantee the rights of women and youth and invest their unique energies to drive social and economic development in the state. We will initiate a youth development programme that moves them away from the hopelessness of today, connect them to creative endeavours and generate energy for honourable work.

“We will also be making aggressive investments in modern infrastructure capable of opening up the total economic energies of our people, we will lift the State out of a mono-economic dependency by launching diversification into tech and business incubation. The Delta APC Governorship candidate stated in his inauguration speech

While urging all party faithful/ members to familiarize themselves with the EDGE to BAND plan to make their job easier, Nnabuife disclosed that their task is to get the message to the grassroots, using the various tools at their disposal to get to every potential voter out there. He encouraged all to work in synergy with every group within and outside the party for the single goal of making APC victorious at both the federal and State levels.

Hon Nnabuife, who urged all aspirants who were not successful in their bid for the party ticket in the primaries to support the party and the Campaign Council, that in the coming days, weeks and months they would all pass through sleepless nights to ensure that the APC emerge victorious in all the elections in the State. That for him, unity and sense of purpose of party members is vital to victory.

While congratulating all the distinguished men and women selected to serve the party in the Governorship Campaign Council, the APC Chairman of Oshimili North Local Government noted that the task ahead may appear intimidating but collectively they shall overcome.

“The movement to liberate the State is a collective one, and not about APC members alone, but all Deltans. I, therefore, call on all Deltans, irrespective of party platform, who love this State to join hands with us to liberate, rebuild and reinvigorate our dear State. This is a responsibility we owe the present old and young generations and generations yet unborn. We must not fail in making Delta State a better place than we met it.” He added.

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