Dr Ide Tony Nwaka
Nigerian Prolific writer and Public Policy Consultant,Four times Commissioner,two times Local government Chairman,former Algon Chairman all in Delta State, Dr Tony Felix Nwaka,(IDE) is a veteran in political party administration is not at all in doubt and so, it is given that he would become a huge asset to the All Progressive Congress (APC), on his joining the ruling party. What was doubtful for me, was whether the APC would be composed to leveraging the freshness and the abundance of what the ‘IDE’ himself has to offer as the next House of Representative member to represent Aniocha /Oshimili in the lower chambers come 2023.
With a cognisant and superb tutelage, leading to cognate service, straddling several years, including a concluding headship as former Algon Chairman all in Delta State,Dr Tony Felix Nwaka is wholly equipped for what he is doing.

I have often advanced that knowledge, encompassed in hard work, envisages, and most likely would lead to success, but I also insist that this does not discount experience. IDE is a tested politician. Besides his administrative prowess, he has also proved to be a dependable ally, amplified in the partnership that now exist between him and other APC aspirants.

Beyond the patriotism so displayed in the discharge of the onerous task to structure the emergence of an inclusive APC EXCO in Delta State, Dr Tony Nwaka, since his aligning with the APC, has visibly, in concert with DSP Omo-Agege extended the hope of a deserving victory for the APC in Delta State.

IDE is a well thought venture in APC, not because I said it but the reality is that his antecedents and previous endeavours as a politician, coupled with a profuse capacity for intuitive engagement are reasonable collateral. That is my humble opinion.
It is therefore baffling and exasperatingly mortifying, to see the stiffening of a few against what obviously is a turnaround in the hitherto bleak fortunes of APC in Aniocha/Oshimili, through the occurrence of Tony Nwaka in party. It is more disturbing when one sees that the loudest voices of opposition come from the immediate beneficiaries of the Tony Nwaka’s rise to prominence,particularly from the Aniocha/Oshimili axis.

As a chronicler of history, I have to testify that a man who was four times Commissioner,two times Local government Chairman,former Algon Chairman all in Delta State, Dr Tony Felix Nwaka,(IDE),did what many people who became local government chairman in Nigeria never did. He actually impacted on his environment and left a legacy for posterity.

High Performing Leaders are vision creators, team builders, task allocators, People Developers, and motivation Stimulators. And this is the kind of leader Dr Tony Felix Nwaka,(IDE) is. Ide’s entrance into APC and his holy anger to turn around the fortune of his land have paid off on his image. The uncommon transformation he brought to bear in the Aniocha/ Oshimili District today has made him one of the most popular political image in the state in terms of good representation.

This is responsible for hundreds of honours that have been bestowed on him by diverse institutions and groups. The law of harvest is to reap more than you sew. Sow an act, and you reap a habit. Sow a habit and you reap a character. Sow a character and you reap a destiny.
Ndi Aniocha/Oshimili and APC have every reason to be proud of Nwaka – an illustrious son whose political influence has brought multiple gains to Aniocha/Oshimili, evidenced by the several projects in infrastructure either attracted or personally provided by the IDE. In human capital development, Ide has, and is still empowering both youths and women in various trades and businesses to make them self-reliant. Many more are also now on his payroll, sole effort of IDE to alleviate the sufferings of his people.
From the start of Hon. Nwaka’s political career, he has shown remarkably that he towers in the realm of the spiritual. His agility, astuteness and mental power resonates the personification of a genius hominis. Hon. Nwaka is indeed a genius of a peculiar nature and his rise to stardom can only be so explained. Beset of many battles and the unyielding resentment from displeased, less endowed contemporaries, he has maintained his usual calm demeanor, a torrential facade concealing the lethality that is a possibility in the man Nwaka.
We are not in any argument with those who wonder whether any good thing can come out of our Hon. Nwaka?. We are not convincing people that our dear Aniocha/Oshimili has been transformed by this Political Messiah or respond to the demagogic rhetoric and hypocritical lies of those who have had their consciences scared with the fiery irons of falsehood and bigotry. We came to say to you to that the political wave of IDE will sweep Aniocha/Oshimili come 2023.

Testimonies are being given from all facets of the Delta North society, including traditional rulers, Politicians, Civil Servants,churches have all testified to this uncommon transformation strides.Students,are not left out; even the opposing political parties are not comfortable with Dr Nwaka Political wave and popularity. The entire Anioma/oshimili people will continue to pray for the Almighty God to grant him good health to enjoy the rest of his days. We also wish Our Leader the wisdom like that of King Solomon to continue to play his excellent leadership role for his Anioma/oshimili people. If no be IDE, na who else e go be?

We will be watching the unfolding of 2023 and we believe that the deepening successes of Dr Tony Felix Nwaka, by the grace of God, shall have no end.



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