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Homelocal gossipCelebrating Peter Nwaese,the Colossus Engineer at 55

Celebrating Peter Nwaese,the Colossus Engineer at 55

By: Ike Philip Abiagom

Engr. Peter Nwaese

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]irthdays are supposed to be occasions for the celebration of life by the living. Birthdays are also a period when the celebrator takes stock of his or her life and feels like climbing the mountaintop to shout Hallelujah.

Undoubtedly, if there is any human being who has experienced the proverbial Seventh Heaven, typical of a woman who has just safely been delivered of a baby, it is no other than Engr. Peter Onyeisi Nwaese, the quintessential engineer, businessman and philanthropist.

As this Building Engineer wizard celebrated his 55th birthday last Saturday, not a few shared in his joy. The reason is not far-fetched. The “birthday boy” means so many things to so many people in and outside the country. Many of his friends, clients, business associates, fans and admirers rained encomiums, goodwill and birthday messages on him.

He’s the pillar who makes many families so strong, love so true, joy so real, faith so firm and fear so ordinary. He is the embodiment of cerebral articulation, the epitome of intellection and breathtaking simplicity, the personification of undiluted humanness, the perfect example of leadership symbolism, the paragon of idealism, the soul humanity, soft-spoken, with clear, unfettered, excellent diction and oratory, his brilliant smile like sparkling sun radiating from crystal clear eyes.
Some people are born, some achieve leadership, some have leadership thrust upon them, while only very few have all three embedded in them.
Engr. Peter Onyesis Nwaese is one of those very few good men; a true man, a man of valour, the bringer of rain. In the gallery of great leaders and great men, he is without doubt, a rare masterpiece.

A man of immense mettle and a completely detribalized human being with a profound depth of character, whose humility, devoid of discrimination, embraces all and sundry, He soars like an eagle and exudes reverence and integrity. A pragmatic man full of benevolence, He gives hope to the hopeless,and welfare and succor to the poor and needy. To everyone who crosses his path, he is a light. He is a friend to all, a role model to the young, a helper to many and a visionary man bubbling with the ideals of entrenching a united, peaceful, harmonious vision for his community and the world. Engr. Nwaese is Honest, transparent, dependable uncomplicated and full of wisdom, he can change you effortlessly, with his soft spoken words.

As a child, his dream was to become one of the greatest building engineer in the world. Luckily, providence has granted him his heart’s desire. No doubt, at 55, he has contributed to the growth of Nigeria’s real estate as well as the growth of many citizens of the country more than most people alive today. Despite his status as a member of the upper crust, Engr. Nwaese doesn’t believe in pulling up the ladder behind him. The Ibusa -born Colossus Engineer has been a fierce advocate of policies to promote opportunity.

The messages on social media were almost endless as people tried to out-do one another to pen goodwill messages for him as if there was a trophy for the best writer.
Of course, this indicates that Peter Nwases is well-loved and appreciated by all. Nwaese, according to reports, had shown traces of precocity very early in life. Though he might not be said to have been clairvoyant, his childhood betrayed him as a potentially great person in life.
For over one decades, his Foundation has been giving back and changing lives through initiatives that support education and empowerment to his people.
Engr. Peter, though even the sun will one day run out of fuel, our love for you shall last forever. we thank God each and every day for giving us a brother and Friend like you. On your birthday, we want to thank you for being the best brother, friend anyone could ever hope for. You are such a great role model for every man in the world because you are so loving, caring, protective, and supportive. Happy Birthday Big



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