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Tribute : Bouquet of Golden Birthday in Honour of Austin Ogom Nwaoboshi

By: Ike Abiagom

Augustine Ogom Nwaoboshi
CEO, Gomboshi International
Greatness is a property for which no man can receive credit too soon; it must be possessed long before it is acknowledged.”When one of the world’s greatest thinkers, Ralph Waldo Emerson handed down the above words of wisdom, those he had in mind were certainly the likes of Augustine Ogom Nwaoboshi (Gomboshi)! .

For the trail-blazing Business mogul from Ibusa, Delta State, it is certainly impossible to gloss over his attributes for greatness.He is the embodiment of cerebral articulation, the essence of unparalleled philanthropy,the epitome of intellection and breathtaking simplicity, the personification of undiluted humanness, the perfect example of business leadership symbolism, the paragon of idealism, the soul of humanity, the heart of warrior, a perfect gentleman.

Augustine ogom Nwaoboshi is one of those very few good men;a true philanthropist, an accomplished businessman,An Iconic Figure, An International Businessman, A leader, A promoter of Peace in whom I am well pleased ,a man of valour, the bringer of rain.In the gallery of great leaders and great men, he is without doubt, a rare masterpiece. Anyone who encounters him would love to associate with him for his candour, courage and forthrightness. As a human being, his humility and modesty is second to none. As an Businessman, he is sound and engaging.

Augustine ogom Nwaoboshi,he means different things to different people; to his wife and children, he is a loving husband and a kind daddy, while to us his admirers he is known as the Digital Business Strategist but his detractors always erroneously see him as an Obstacle because of his rising profile in business and acceptance by the grassroots.

Augustine Ogom Nwaoboshi is not only the Pride of Nwaoboshi’s but also the Pride of the People of Ibusa for whom he had waged countless business wars for and won virtually all, just like the Greek mythological Odyssey who fought and won difficult battles in History. Indeed the birthday celebration of this digital Businessman of our time had been useful and Resourceful for his service to humanity.Therefore today let me on behalf of the Grassroots Publishers and Newsbreeze Magazine join the rest of my beloved Ibusa kingdom in Oshimili North Local government Area of Deltans and Nigerians at large to Celebrate our Business iconoclastic Gomboshi International, to thank Almighty God for adding another year to his life and to pray that he continues to bless him with robust health ,protection, and enduring provision.Your business reign shall bring prosperity and peace to Ibusa and your family.
Happy birthday to the regent, GOMBOSHI INTERNATIONAL, a great lover of our tradition.


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