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The Okowa catastrophe is endless and it is a shame.!!!!

Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa
It is said that “he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day”. May be, but not in this case and not a General. The news of Governor Okowa’s “escape” from protesting Pensioners/Retirees suggests that there is something to hide.

Could he have stayed back to face the retirees? Could he have taken a few minutes to talk to them and make the usual promises, even if he had no intentions to fulfil them – a political talk, you may want to call it?
No! He chose to “escape” through a back door. !!!
Now, it is certain that He Okowa has no plans for these senior citizens who have meritoriously served the state.
Above all, is there something about the pension fund that he is hiding from the public? Something he is avoiding???.
*It is indeed tragic!!*
There is no reason to play politics with a matter such as the benefits of retirees, and what is dire about this, is that we are talking of contributory pensions.
Our governor is degenerating in humane matters as we can see. If not, how do we explain the ruthless abandonment of retirees, in the face of abundant inflows of funds both in federal allocations, internally generated revenues and the huge loans that we have experienced since the coming of the Okowa administration in 2015. Not with the imprudent and reckless political appointments that we have seen in the over seven years of this administration. These appointments are as spurious as the loafing beneficiaries with most of them idling around with no real portfolios – mere political patronage.
Yet, pensioners who have served upward of 30 years are unable to afford daily meals.
It is indescribable and indeed callous to know that a state like Delta State ,would pretend to think that retirees can handle the harshness and sufferings that they are now subjected to, when we do know that they have passed their productive lives.
What we have seen in recent times is that retirees live in neglect and die in squalor and if the accrued pensions are ever paid, they are not alive to enjoy the fruits of their labour.
Pension is not inheritance to bequeath surviving children but a welfare package meant for the sustenance of a retiree and while they are still alive.
I must note that this diabolic tendency of our governor is imprinted in all spheres. He turns his back to anything people-oriented. For instance, he “sold” Delta Line, to the chagrin of the common commuters – we all recall the famous “Omelebele” bus that traversed our villages and provided cheap transportation for our people. That is history now in the hands of the new managers/Owners.
Recently, we were told to stop drinking beer so we can afford school fees for our wards, yet Okowa’s buddies feast everyday on priced, choice drinks, preposterously on our budget. The catastrophe is endless and it is a shame.
This has been our plight as Deltans under Okowa, and we must put an end to it. !!!
We can determine our future now as 2023 fast approaches!!!
We can boot-out evil and shut the door against them. We can vote for a better future and end this error that has burnt us in this 7 years of mismanagement in Delta State!
Ogbuefi Ben Egwuatu writes from Europe.
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