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Oshimili North LGA Chairmanship Election: Ambrose Elofu Elue-Dike, A Man Tested, And Trusted-Odita

Flt.Lt Ifeanyi Odita (rtd)
While some people were born great, some achieve greatness on their own. The like of Ifeanyi Odita, retired Air force officer aka “Air force man” is being celebrated everyday, not because he was born with a silver spoon, but because of consistency in determination to succeed, and today, he is not only a successful man, but a successful man that is helping people to achieve success.

Today, as we speak, Air force man is adding value to leaders who are multiplying value to others. He is a grassroots leader that is developing leaders, and a leader that has inspired hope in Oshimili North Local Government people. Today, Ifeanyi Odita aka Air force man* is a man of many parts; a foremost philanthropist, farmer, servant of God, a quintessential politician, entrepreneur, CEO of several companies etc.

Words are not enough to describe or celebrate this humble great man, He deserves all the ovation we could offer him. Indeed, we are all proud of this great Icon for his enviable and legendary achievements in Military, business, politics etc despite all odds.

Air force man is someone who looks up for direction even as he continues to soar higher by the special grace of God.

A compassionate leader who has consistently for years continues to make people happy. He is Humble, jovial, loving, generous, easy going, accommodating etc. Not temperamental  because of his military back ground, he is a man that allows people to express their views on any given issue before coming up with his decision even as a boss or leader.

Truly, Ifeanyi Odita  aka “Air force man” is a man of the people and a man of many parts.


Can we meet you Sir?

I am ifeanyi Odita,a retired military officer from  Akwukwu- Igbo, the Headquarter of Oshimili North Local Government Area.I just left the service and I came back to my town and join Politics because I want to serve my people and am equally a stake holder in the (PDP) Politics of Oshimili North local Government Area of Delta State.

Sir, How are you coping with the local Political class in your LGA as a retired Military officer with different orientation?

The Political class in my local government area are my brothers and friends that am familiar with before now. When I joined the local politics of my town, the first thing I did was to understudy the ranking of my party members. I learned from them and I discovered that the cardinal responsibilities of any politician is total loyalty, which is part of me as a trained military officer, because in the military we believe in discipline.

What are your plans and prospects in the next Local government Election, Are you Vying for any position?

No, am not running for election.

Sir, few candidates have declared interest to be the next Chairman of your local Government, who are you supporting and why?

For now, I have not seen any serious candidate , I only know one serious  person that is contesting for the seat  and he is Hon. Ambrose Elofu- Dike  and I think he is the most qualified person for the job because of certain qualities. He is a visionary leader that exhibits and epitomizes consistency, competence, capacity, connection, and character with strong leadership ability. The success story of this great man is a great lesson to the youths to take their fate in their hands if they hope to control the destiny of Nigeria before too long.

According to Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe” There is plenty of room at the top because very few people travel beyond the average route. ” And so, most of us seem satisfied to remain within the confines of mediocrity”. The Ibusa Born Political Juggernaut Ambrose Elofu Elue-Dike needs no much introduction. Just as the People will always say that “A good Market sells its self and it is never kept out of sight”, so is Ambrose Elofu Elue-Dike who has kept indelible Marks in the heart of The good People of Oshimili North Local Government Area and Beyond.

Ambrose Elofu Elue-Dike is not only a charismatic leader, he is a compassionate person. The people of Oshimili North in Delta State are not only happy and grateful to have him as their next grassroots chairman, but thankful that such a quintessential person is willing and prepared to serve us.

He has been fighting for  children, for the poor and destitute, sometimes against establishments and elites. But as a leader, he is greatly admired across the political spectrum. Even those who disagree with his politics can draw inspiration from his life. Ambrose Elofu Elue-Dike is a patriotic Nigerian who could be classified as a ROLE MODEL whose footstep could be followed by the growing generations as a result of the successes recorded by his personality by dint of hard work and enviable conducts.

Ambrose Elofu Elue-Dike is the most experienced candidate for the job, we all can recall that  in 2019 election, our party(PDP) elders and stake holders in Oshimili North appointed him to be the Campaign Director- General (Triple DG) for three of our candidates namely, Senator Peter Nwaoboshi for Senate, Princess Pat Ajudua for Delta State House of Assembly seat and Hon. Louis Ndukwe for our local government chairmanship seat, and these candidates won their respective elections. So for a man who was entrusted with such role is the best and most experienced person to take over as our next local government chairman.

Ambrose Elofu Elue-Dike is a very loyal party man who has alot of regards and respect for his party, for the past ten years, he had wanted to contest for various position but as a loyalist our leaders always appeal to him to step down and support their preferred candidate of our party and he will always comply and support the candidate nominated by our great party leaders in our local government  with his money and everything to make sure our party wins the election, so I believe it is now his turn to serve the people of Oshimili North local Government.

I can remember vividly during the tenure of Barrister Ben Okonkwo, the Oshimili North LGA awarded the contract of Ibusa market to Ambrose Elofu Elue-Dike and he executed the contract with his own fund and it is the biggest market in our local today, I am very sure that our Local Government Council is still owing him till date. Why can’t we give such  a man the authority to pilot the affairs of our council.  it is true that no one is entitled to a top political position, everyone has to earn it through his or her deeds, and each is only as good as his or her command of the issues, but Ambrose Elofu Elue-Dike is destined for this  “Ambrose Elofu Elue-Dike has endeared himself to his people.

Sir, You are so sure that Ambrose Elofu Elue-Dike will take your  LGA to the next level, Why?

Ambrose Elofu Elue-Dike believes in public service as a honorable profession and in government as a vehicle for helping all citizens get their chance for high quality of life. His accomplishments speak for themselves. This is not about Dike or his ego. He is known for humility, graciousness, and gentility in the party; he does not engaged in partisan contests to win for the sake of winning. The goals are so important that he is willing to work with political opponents to reach agreement on measures that serve the people. Negotiating by calling on higher principles made him effective with principled members of the other party.

Dike believes that the work as a grassroots chairman is more important than title or position. Business leaders should heed that lesson, above all: Performance, mission, and endurance are possible because the people we support and care about also support us.  Only God Makes a King, when God uplifts a Man, who is he to stand and say no? Nobody…

 Sir,  what advice do you have for the  Oshimili North PDP Elders?

I want our party leaders to give Ambrose Elofu Elue-Dike the ticket of our great party to enable him contest for the Chairmanship position in the next coming local government  election, because he is the most experienced, tested and trusted party member. For now based on the names we are hearing that are interested in the seat, I think he is one of the best among them in every ramification he is there and he will be there for us.

We all should support to enable him take our local government to the next level.

Sir, As a grassroots politician like you said, how can you access the present Local Government Chairman of your LGA?

I can say that our present local government chairman Hon. Louis Ndukwe has done his best, we all know how the system affects their performance , with the little resources available to him ,I will score him high.

As a grassroots Politician in Oshimili North  LGA, how can you access your representative at the  Delta State House of Assembly ,Princess(Mrs) Pat Ajudua?

Jesus! She is a wonderful woman and a mother, she is doing marvelously well, why I said she is a wonderful woman is because she carries  everybody along and she is the light of the local government.  she has empowered alot of people as I know in my local government mostly youths and women. I know that she cannot empower everybody, I believe she emulate that gesture from her husband Chief Fred Ajudua who is a foremost philanthropist , so the spirit of giving and touching lives is a trend in the family.

Sir, You have a serving senator from your local government area, what can you say about him?

Senator Peter Nwaoboshi is our overall leader, a true patriot, the author of ‘Doctrine Of Necessity’, a stabilizing voice in our democracy, my mentor, my boss, the longest-serving active Politician in Delta State . His sterling leadership qualities have provided an essential stabilizing force in the Red Chamber.

His transformation has a parallel with the transformation of Saul to Paul in the Holy Bible. His conversion to democracy has been total. “As a Senator that leads and organized his colleagues; as an unprecedented two-term Senator he has not only stabilized the Senate and therefore the polity especially at a critical time he has also given the Senate character. My Senator has become one of the most outstanding figures of our democracy and its symbol of forthrightness and courage.

He is a perpetual lesson in service and we are proud to learn at his  feet. My Senator just marked his Sixty-Three birthday and we thank God for his life; a life of many stories; a life of service to man and to God; a life of fulfillment. We can only pray that the Almighty whom we have so faithfully served grants him many more years in good health so that he can continue in his service to the Nation and humanity. Like wine, he is only getting better with age.

Deltans are now referring to Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa as Road master, do you believe he has done well on roads?

Gov. Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa is the best governor ever produced in Delta. If you compare him with the previous governors that have ruled Delta State, if you look at what he has put on ground, our governor has not stayed 8years, but he has made a very good landmark and a very good impact. Infact,  he is the Roads Master based on his performance . He has linked almost all the roads in Delta State, I have been privileged to travel round Delta State . He is a wonderful governor, I think if there is anyway for him to come back for third tenure, I will be part of those people who will vote him again.

Finally,what will you like people to remember you for?

I want to be remembered as a man who served his country in the military  diligently and retired. A man who  joined politics to serve the common man and touch the lives of his people, I will also like to be known with truthfulness, honesty and tranquility. .

Thank you very much.

By: Ike Abiagom & Glory Ogoh

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