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Nwaoboshi – The Political Warrior

By: Ike Philip Abiagom

Most Distinguished Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi(SPON)
Since Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi,our Dynamic Leader,the Oracle turned Miracle of Delta Politics, the Ide of Okpanam Land, Oshimili Lieonye Olie Ogwuaa of Akwukwu Igbo Kingdom and the Ochiaya of Anioma Nation ascended as the member representing Delta North Senatorial District in the Senate Arm of the National Assembly and Chairman, Senate Committee on Niger Delta Affairs, has been the anchor of Delta’s Democratic ship and has used the senate as vehicle to drive social and economic change in Delta North (Anioma)underminding the vehement hostility against him by members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta State.

However, Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi did not renege on his primary duty as a Senator and continued to discharge his duties with a sense of purpose and efficiency.Many leaders have not shown a greater sense of emotional intelligence, empathy and responsiveness to the needs of Deltans like (Senator Nwaoboshi)our Anioma Political Warrior, A Go-Getter and A result Oriented Senator.

Besides these legislative efforts and accomplishments, it is on record that he has, in an unprecedented manner attracted unequaled massive projects to the Delta North Senatorial District and still counting. Senator Nwaoboshi flaunts a first-time record in road construction, rural electrification, both in the distribution of transformers and solar energy, visible in all the nooks and crannies of the Anioma nation and this is indisputable. The list is endless and no space in one write-up can allow the listing, else it may become boring.

Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi has attracted/constructed over 135 Roads in all the nooks and crannies of Delta North Senatorial District in Delta State.Even the Road leading to Obi of Owa house and his Palace was attracted and constructed with Street Light via NDDC by Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi.Presently, A well befitting Royal Palace and Asaba Ultra Modern Event and Meeting Hall are ongoing at DLA Road in Asaba for Asaba People and he has built a Skill Acquisition centers in Ibusa and Utagba Ogbe in Ndokwa West.

He fought and included Ndokwa Nation into Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) master plan and also included Ndokwa Youths into Nigeria Presidential Amnesty Programmes which alot of young people in Ndokwa Nation even in the whole of Delta North Senatorial District have benefited both in Education, Health, Agriculture sectors and Oil Companies Treaties.
Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi also moved for another Bill for the Establishment of Aboh Federal University of Agriculture and Technology Aboh in Ndokwa East Local Government Area, Delta State. A Bill that has been passed and waiting for the Lower House Concurrent Passage for the President to sign same into Law, He also Sponsored the Bill for Act to repeal NDDC act, same Bill has been Passed by the National Assembly and Assented to or rather signed into Law by the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Critics in their attempt to lower the influence of the Nwaoboshi Factor have deposed insensitively that these achievements came only because of his privileged position as the chairman of the Senate committee for Niger Delta Affairs. They point to the huge resources of the NDDC as an added impetus for his performance. Absurdly, this position denies the Nwaoboshi Factor to these events. The questions to ask and congruously pertinent is, how is it that the ruling party ceded such a feasible and viable office to Nwaoboshi coming from an opposition party, if not for his delirious personae?
That Nwaoboshi knows his onions is not at all in doubt because from the start of his political career, he has shown remarkably that he towers in the realm of the spiritual.

He stands today as the only and original voice of Anioma (Delta North) at the National Assembly. The official mascot of Anioma identity, history, traditional norms and values.The fearless, courageous, pragmatic, articulate and very outspoken advocacy in the legitimate quest for constitutional clarity over contentious issues, which Senator Nwaoboshi (SPON) has displayed with competent authority, makes his leadership model iconic.

Anioma people have every reason to be proud of Nwaoboshi – an illustrious son whose political influence has brought multiplying gains to us, evidenced by the several projects in infrastructure either attracted or personally provided by the Senator. In human capital development, the Senator has, and is still empowering both youths and women in various trades and businesses to make them self-reliant. Many more are also now on his payroll, sole effort of the Senator to alleviate the sufferings of his people.
Aniocha/Oshimili as a whole, and indeed Anioma people cannot but extol Nwaoboshi.The nooks and crannies of Delta North are witness to the Nwaoboshi factor in the distribution of social infrastructure that once eluded the region as stakeholders in the NDDC. Nwaoboshi is willing to do more.

Deltans-Anioma Nation now knows better that Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi is the best Senator ever to represent Delta North at the upper chambers. His kindness and willingness to reach out to  Aniomas people is one reputation that will continue to precede him on the match again come 2023. Nwaoboshi has performed beyond doubt and above all past Senators representing Delta North in the Senate and this is unquestionable and deepening success shall have no end because Senator Nwaoboshi is willing to do more.

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