Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi

I bring you greetings  and good tidings this morning. We are all aware of the current political activities across Nigeria with regards to the INEC election timetable.

Firstly, it is imperative for us particularly the APC faithfuls to know that our leader, Most Distinguished Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi has been duly screened and cleared by the Party and subsequently issued a Certificate of clearance to run for the Senate seat to represent Delta North Senatorial District in the National Assembly. Therefore,  it behoves  on all stakeholders to gear up to the challenge and work Assiduously to ensure victory for the Party.
Secondly, from the outcome of the House of Assembly and House of Representatives  primaries organised  by the PDP,  it becomes very clear that the only federal position that is left for the Oshimili People (North or South) is the Senate seat.
Therefore, all hands must be on deck to *RETAIN THE SENATE SEAT* not just for the Party but for the Oshimili people as a whole. Any outcome to the contrary will mean that Oshimili will be without a position in the federal constuency at the National Assembly and as such be at a politically disadvantaged position with Aniocha having the two federal seats. 
It therefore behoves on us the People of Oshimili to ensure that the imbalance that may result if we indolently acquiesce and fail to maintain the balance is checked with our all out support to retain the Senate seat currently safely in our kitty.
The Political antecedents  of our Principal is ‘primus inter parres’ thereby making him a much more beautiful bride easier to market as our candidate than some desperate political mediocres who are only interested in power for its sake for the purposes of intimidation and subjugation of our people.
Ndi Oshimili, the time has come for everyone to defend our political future before  it becomes too late.
“A stitch in time saves nine “
Com. Vincent Iwunor – Ibusa.
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