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Celebrating the Birthday of a Gem

Princess Linda Arihi indeed is a true definition of a VIRTUOUS WOMAN. Today being her birthday, the whole world celebrate a woman who is a perfect example of beauty and God fearing person.
She’s the pillar who makes the family so strong, love so true, joy so real, faith so firm and fear so ordinary. She is the embodiment of cerebral articulation, the epitome of intellection and breathtaking simplicity, the personification of undiluted humanness, the perfect example of leadership symbolism, the paragon of idealism, the soul humanity, the mirror of beauty , the amazon. Indeed, some Princess are born, some achieve leadership, some have leadership thrust upon them, while only very few have all three embedded in them.
Princess Linda Arihi is one of those very few good girl; a true woman, a woman of valour, the bringer of rain. In the gallery of great leaders and great women, she is without doubt, a rare masterpiece.
Linda Arihi will celebrate her birthday today and to put the epochal celebration in proper perspective, she attained the midpoint of life at the exciting peak and the proper prime of her mercurial powers where, poised like the bronzed champion, glowing flamboyantly in the golden flame of her decade, prepares herself to capture and conquer arguably, the one ultimate laurel for which her superlative gifts and brilliance clamour to be manifestly celebrated with maximum educational aplomb woven into the matrix of an intrepid homogeneous ubiquity.

A true friend, sister, elegant, beautiful and unblemished in the magisterial lithe and athleticism of folkloric Queen and heroine, soft-spoken, with clear, unfettered, excellent diction and oratory, her brilliant smile like sparkling sun radiating from crystal clear eyes.  Linda is down to earth and corporate-smart, from the various experiences of home-bred grooming, ivy league sojourns in first class family and the inspirational influence and unparalleled, unquantifiable tutelage from a respected royal father.

A woman of immense mettle and a completely detribalized human being with a profound depth of character, whose humility, devoid of discrimination, embraces all and sundry, she soars like an eagle and exudes reverence and integrity. A pragmatic woman full of benevolence, she gives hope to the hopeless, and welfare and succor to the poor and needy. To everyone who crosses her path, she is a light. she is a friend to all, a role model to the young, a helper to many and a visionary woman bubbling with the ideals of entrenching a united, peaceful, harmonious vision for her community and the world. Honest, Transparent, Dependable, uncomplicated and full of wisdom, Linda Arihi can change you effortlessly, with her soft spoken words.
Linda, though even the sun will one day run out of fuel, our love for you shall last forever. we thank God each and every day for giving us a Friend like you. On your birthday, we want to thank you for being the best sister, friend anyone could ever hope for. You are such a great role model for every woman in the world because you are so loving, caring, protective, and supportive. Happy Birthday!

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