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Why we held Flavour’s father’s funeral in Enugu, by Cubana Chief Priest

Cubana Chief Priest, a prominent businessman and socialite, has addressed the recent funeral of Flavour’s father, which took place in Enugu rather than their home state of Anambra.

He explained that the venue change was due to prevailing insecurity in the region, which he believes is a critical issue that needs urgent attention.

Cubana Chief Priest, who attended the funeral alongside other celebrities, used the occasion to call for unity among Southeasterners to tackle the insecurity challenge.

He emphasised that the region’s prosperity hinges on creating a safe and secure environment for its residents.

In a recent report by The Nation, he shared his personal experiences with insecurity, revealing that he relocated his business to  Lagos State due to fears of kidnapping and violence that have driven away customers from the EastCubana Chief Priest also expressed concern over the impact of insecurity on the region’s cultural heritage, noting that Flavour’s father’s funeral had to be held in Enugu instead of their ancestral home in Anambra.

He urged traditional leaders, religious leaders, and politicians to collaborate and find solutions to the insecurity crisis.

He said: “This amazing funeral was supposed to be happening in Umunze Anambra State but here we are in Enugu managing it. Umunne, we need to come together and fix this, it’s no longer interesting. We cannot destroy our own because we are being marginalised.

“We must uphold our glory by going back to our peaceful nature. We can only fight back if home is in order for proper planning. If this continues that means they have succeeded in disorganising us.

Culled from : Nation Newspaper



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