By : Philip Ike Abiagom

The Delta State PDP lost it’s political engine room in Delta North when they play the gods of Delta Politics in the person of Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, the Political tactician and oracle of Delta Politics in the last local government election because the Governor Okowa wants to be in total charge of the party in Delta State or if possible retire him and other founding fathers of PDP in Delta State from active politics and not even the national working committee could call the Delta State PDP to order, rather they made Governor Okowa the face of the party just to satisfy his personal interest It’s now too late for the PDP to rescind its decision to prevent more own goals for a party that has sunk already at the national level.

Facts, they say, are sacred. In this regard, the fact that the Delta State Government feels the need to hire paid- writers to do its black-ops opinion pieces on the senator representing Delta North Senatorial District at the National Assembly always, Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, points to the fact that they are terrified about the moves he has been making, both at home in Delta State and across the nation, mostly because of the way  President Muhammadu Buhari  GCFR and the National working Committee of APC received him at Aso Rock Villa as a super senator and the missing Political tactician needed in Delta APC political force to take over the state come 2023.

You see, it’s easy to twist facts, muddy up dates, and create alternate narratives. Additionally, it is a lot easier to
raise one finger to point at another person’s faults, when four dirty fingers are staring right back at you. However,
to walk readers through the process of how the Delta PDP have been publishing fallacious and laughable stories in
various newspapers and online blogs with tax payers money about our Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, is devoid of facts, it is necessary to highlight the following:

The recent defection of Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi to APC, I read an online writer comment that says:
“If political parties wore make-up, right now, the Delta APC has chosen to accept that it has acne — which is treatable
and has accepted Nwaoboshi as a cure. While, on the other hand, the PDP,which has several malignant tumours on its
face,has chosen to cover up its significant flaws with cheap, over-the-counter dusting powder.

As an opposition party in Delta State, the APC clearly understands that it needs to work harder than the party that
controls the state if it wants to win the hearts and minds of Deltans ahead of the 2023 general election. This is why,
it chose a strategic genius like Nwaoboshi — a man whose antenna for politics and governance is matched by very few —
to lead its election battle in Delta North. It must be noted, that because the party understands that the work of the
political force of Nwaoboshi is not cosmetic,rather it is a force to recon with in Delta State politics.
Charity, they say, begins at home. for Senator Nwaoboshi, the new face of the APC in Delta North, who is also gaining
throng of PDP members to the APC fold in the entire Delta North. Recently, thousands of PDP faithful in Aniocha,
/Oshimili, Ndokwa are decamping to  APC because of Senator Nwaoboshi factor. What’s more is that some former  state law makers , state commissioners,chairmen and counselors from other parties outside PDP are finding refuge in the APC  now.

According to Olorogun O’tega Emerhor “Nwaoboshi is a political tactician who is bringing on board over three decades
experience in active politics in Delta. The APC in Delta is waxing stronger by the day, and I want to assure Senator
Nwaoboshi, the political oracle that there is no joiner in APC Delta, every member has equal stake.
“I therefore, enjoined party leaders and faithful to extend hands of fellowship to the Senator who is bringing huge
political capacity into the party.
“May I also seize the opportunity to thank the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege who has worked hard to
make this a reality. Together with other leaders, we will all work harder for the party ahead of 2023 general elections
and ensure Delta state is finally liberated”.

This is why, the defection of Nwaoboshi has recorded several successes in the entire Anioma and Delta State in general. Those who know the inside stories, understand that Nwaoboshi’s defections have created ripples amongst the state governor,,PDP
National Working Committee; the party leaders,non-political class and stakeholders in their states but in the scheme of things, the APC has gained alot of political structures in the state because Nwaoboshi is a sleeping lion whose tail MUST not be toiled with.

Furthermore, it is not surprising that Gov. Okowa’s over zealous writers always talked about Nwaoboshi’s defections because of fear of unknown  come 2023, even when his present commissioner of Information Mr Charles Anigwu misquoted   in his recent ARISE TELEVISION chat that NWAOBOSHI IS ENJOYING OKOWA’S POLITICAL SCHOLARSHIP. It’s almost comical that the author of a trivial piece could be so carried away to the fact that the hemorrhaging of Gov. Okowa in Delta, is even clearer for all to see and hear, than the depletion of the PDP at the national level.

Across the board, the Okowa’s government in Delta, has become increasingly isolated. the failures have become the topic
at dinner tables. the embarrassments have trended on social media. The pillars, who helped to build the government, are
now against him. While on the policy side of things,the okowa’s government is stuck.There is no significant
achievement. This okowa’s government in Delta State will not leave any legacy to remember, rather it will be remembered as “Renovation Master”.

It is important to note that, as we move forward, the APC, based on the advice of the Nwaoboshi, have begun to look
inwards and re-examine itself. On the other hand, the PDP, which is torn between various war-lords have not even
started to treat its internal wounds. With success recorded in the Delta North chapter of the APC, where both factions
hugged together and where key stakeholders have resolved to work together in the interest of the party; and in the entire Delta
State, Nwaoboshi has been silently changing the state of play ahead of the general election in Delta North and Delta

Victors don’t need to make noise. Winners don’t need to throw stones. Nwaoboshi and his supporters are winning,while
the PDP government led by Okowa, who is scared of their chances in the next election 2023, is throwing unnecessary
stones to our Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi— instead of finding solution to the licking PDP UMBRELLA. It
is a known fact that Senator Nwaoboshi’s defection to APC has caused sleepless night to Gov. Okowa and PDP family in
the state and that is why in every PDP meetings or rally Nwaoboshi’s name must be mention and his fear factor has made
the Okowa to make some panic appointments in Oshimili North because the fear of Political Oracle is the beginning of
wisdom in Anioma and Delta State.

I am very sure that with Nwaaoboshi joining the progressive family in Delta, the quest to liberate Delta State come
from poor leadership and bring it to the progressive fold is very possible in 2023.

The  Nwaoboshi we all know is a sleeping lion whose tail MUST not be toiled with…

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