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By: Ike Philip Abiagom

Ogbueshi Adizue Eluaka
Ogbueshi Adizue Eluaka is a political icon and remains one of the few leaders and Elders in Delta North today who still commands genuine respect and attention, even when some of those in his class of elders have lost their relevance and sacrificed their reputation on the alter of selfish and pecuniary considerations. He was a student of the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, He has seen it all and has the credential to speak authoritatively on the current happenings in  Delta State; In this extra-ordinary interview at his country-home, Asaba, Delta State, conducted by Ike Philip Abiagom and Cy Odiaka.

Ogbueshi Eluaka leaves no one in doubt about where he stands on the very critical issues of politics and the proactive representative of Delta North at the senate (Senator Peter Nwaoboshi )and the role of Delta North in the forth coming elections in the state. SPON Media brings you excerpts of the interview in our usual reader-friendly style. Excerpts:

Ogbueshi ,can we meet you Sir?

I am Ogbueshi Adizue Eluaka from Asaba, a Grassroot Politician and a High Chief.

Sir, how can you assess the current Anioma representative at the Senate in the person of Senator Peter Nwaoboshi?

I knew Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi in the days of NCNC time of Awolowo and  he has always been a friend and good brother ,It will take a long time to have his type again in Anioma Nation. The current representative of Delta North (Anioma)at the Senate in the person of Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi is a pragmatic and visionary leader “who can squeeze out water from the stone” .His six years at the senate has brought rapid infrastructural development that has changed the ecstatic of Delta North through the execution of  key signature projects particularly in the area of road infrastructures, empowerment and rehabilitation of schools in Anioma.

Delta North senatorial representative, currently under the leadership of Senator Peter Nwaoboshi,is one administration in Nigeria that has experienced several attacks from same party in the state. Ironically, the more the attacks, the more adorable the Senator seems to have been to the people by his infrastructure developmental strides across the nooks and crannies of the Anioma . He made us in Anioma Nation to know that a serving Senator can attract federal projects to our various communities. we have never experienced a massive infrastructural development from NDDC in Delta North before until Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi steps  in as a Senator representing Delta North constituency.

Since 1999, Delta North have elected two  Senators before Senator Nwaoboshi, Senator  Osakwe and Senator Ifeanyi Okowa represented Delta North at upper chambers(Senate) when PDP was the ruling party at the federal level. Senator Osakwe was one time Chairman of the Senate Committee on Niger Delta Affairs  and he spend twelve years representing Anioma and Senator Okowa spent four years too as a member of Senate Committee on Niger Delta Affairs , but Delta North never had it good like what Senator Nwaoboshi is doing as member of opposition party at the federal level. But since Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi became the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Niger Delta Affairs, he has attracted uncountable NDDC projects across  the nine (9) local  government Areas in Delta North; some Deltans  call  Gov. Okowa “The Road Master “ but I want to make it clear today that a lots roads constructed in Delta North are NDDC projects attracted by Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi, let me mention but a few in Asaba the capital of Delta State;

– DDPA Housing Estate Opposite Police Headquarters

– Midwifery Road to new General Hospital

– Delta State PDP Delta North Leader Moses Idu  street

– Other uncountable roads in Asaba town and other roads inside GRA

Under Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi, NDDC have renovated over 100 primary and secondary schools with new chairs, tables, books, generators, libraries, transformers ,computers and laboratories, Hospital equipments. Presently, NDDC is building a new multi-million naira Royal Palace for Asagba of Asaba, His Royal Majesty, Obi Prof. Chike Edozien.

In fact, we cannot be able to mention all the projects that this man called Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi has attracted  from the NDDC  if you combined 16 years  or more spent by our previous senators  and six (6)years Senator Peter Nwaoboshi has spent , it is incomparable. He has set a record infact his shoes are indeed a big one for anybody to step into.

Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi

Sir, irrespective of these massive projects he attracted for Delta North, some politicians are criticizing  him?

 Senator Nwaoboshi is a destiny child who was born to rule, the people who are criticizing  him are just envious of his rising politically Profile as a senator. Let us go back to when he was the Delta State PDP Chairman, He single- built a world class secretariat during his tenure and he gave all the twenty five ( 25) PDP local government chairmen two brand new vehicles to elevate their status as PDP Party boss in their various local government in Delta State. All these projects were not sponsored by the state government rather it was through his hard work because he can squeeze out water from stone. Can this present State PDP Chairman do as much as that ?

Ogbueshi what advise do you have for the Anioma Nation come 2023?

The political coral we enjoy today in Anioma Nation was single-handedly successfully moved by the man I called the destiny child, the political Oracle of our time “Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi” because if not for Senator Peter Nwaoboshi  , Anioma will never have her first share of Delta Governor.

Ogbueshi Adizue Eluaka with Ike Philip Abiagom during an interview session in his house .

My advice to the all Anioma Nation is that we should always celebrate our own especially those that have stood the taste of time and  seen to the development of our Anioma Nation (our Heros). When Chief Awolowo was alive making sure that the Nigerian of his time grow in every perspective, he was not recognized and it has taking years and many more years for we to realized that Chief Awolowo’s quality of leadership cannot be found in any political platform of today.

My honest prayer is that God should open the eyes of the Anioma Nation, Deltans and Nigerians at large to see the quality leadership of Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi.

We are begging God, to develop another Sen. Nwaoboshi because for now Anioma nation do not have his replacement.

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