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Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, an Exceptional Human Being – Chief Peter Okocha

Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi
Chief Peter Okocha aka Bobo Nkiti is the current Oshimili North Local Government PDP Youth Leader and Chairman Mebik Pharmacy Ltd., He spoke with selected Publishers in Asaba on the proactive representation of Senator Peter Nwaoboshi at the senate, his leadership style among others. Ike Philip Abiagom and Cy Odiaka were part of the chat. Excerpts:

What is your relationship with Senator Peter Nwaoboshi?

Contrary to public guess, my relationship with Senator Peter Nwaoboshi is completely brotherly. He is a big brother (he personally adopted me as one, long ago),father, an outstanding one for that matter. He is my mentor, a guide both in personal and public life, and a very loyal brother. He radiates loyalty – reciprocal or not. What made our bond very natural is that he is a true brother and father. (I wish I could tell the entire story here) he gave us the opportunity to succeed and also make impacts in life.talking about how Senator Peter Nwaoboshi is my brother is unequivocal.Our bond is beyond political interest or gains.

How would you describe Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, his person, leadership style and modus operandi especially as it concerns critical decision making?

Let me first of all offer hearty wishes to my leader and mentor.Abiding health, prosperity and greater exploits are my prayers for him and his family as he continue to represent us at the upper chamber. He is to me and millions of others, an exceptional human being ahead of his time and an exemplary one just like the late Senator Nosike Ikpo. This means he is Ikpo incarnate. But if I can distill him into one word, he is an enigma. Senator Peter Nwaoboshi is a twenty-first-century builder, national pathfinder, a democracy warrior with the farthest vision. He is the architect of the modern day Anioma both in infrastructural development initiatives and human capital development; hardworking and competent. On these two qualities, I have known him for, I take a personal pride in the fact that no mediocre or hero-worshipper can survive for too long around him.

Senator Nwaoboshi’s leadership acumen cut across all ramifications. He is popularly called leader. His leadership is entirely formed by his passion for human development, most especially his immediate constituents, the people of Delta State, and the leadership that is unmatched with any person or group of persons that had surpassed any one that I have ever seen in my entire life journey. To speak more about leadership, Senator Peter Nwaoboshi is honest and loyal to a fault. He is shrewd yet very open to superior opinions. He is a good listener, extremely focused, hardworking and, above all, undauntedly passionate about Nigeria’s development. I have never seen him take decisions without inputs from his team members.i have seen him in many occasions make personal sacrifice for his own team members especially at national level.

Chief Peter Okocha
PDP Youths Leader, Oshimili North LGA

What do you think makes him thick? Personal accomplishments, philanthropy or political conquest?

Senator Peter Nwaoboshi is a man that God uses to create and sustain the systems for the teeming masses of Deltans and others in the parts of the country. He dwells on the development of people across all spectrum. He has a huge knack for philanthropy, a trait which he obviously picked from his late father, Obi Francis Nwaoboshi. This is what makes him thick, legendary and, of course, the major cause of the void in Anioma today. No one dares to compete with his philanthropic gestures and politics because of his wide exposures in the management of human resources that he had exhibited while serving as the two terms PDP state Chairman of Delta State, as a former Commissioner, Federal Board chairman and others areas of endeavours that he had served.

Sir, irrespective of these massive projects he attracted to Delta North, some politicians are criticizing him?

Senator Nwaoboshi is a destiny child who was born to rule, the people who are criticizing him are just envious of his rising political Profile as a senator. Let us go back to when he was the Delta State PDP Chairman, He single-handedly built a world class secretariat during his tenure and he gave all the twenty five ( 25) PDP local government chairmen two brand new vehicles to elevate their status as PDP Party boss in their various local government in Delta State. All these projects were not sponsored by the state government rather it was through his hard work because he can squeeze out water from stone.

Delta North senatorial representative, currently under the leadership of Senator Peter Nwaoboshi,is one representative in Nigeria that has experienced several attacks from same party in the state. Ironically, the more the attacks, the more adorable the Senator seems to have been to the people by his infrastructural developmental strides across the nooks and crannies of the Anioma . He made us in Anioma Nation to know that a serving Senator can attract federal projects to our various communities. we have never experienced a massive infrastructural development from NDDC in Delta North before until Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi steps in as a Senator representing Delta North constituency.
Delta North never had it good like what Senator Nwaoboshi is doing as a member of opposition party at the federal level. But since Senator Peter Onyelukachukwu Nwaoboshi became the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Niger Delta Affairs, he has attracted uncountable NDDC projects across the nine (9) local government Areas in Delta North.

In your own view, how did Senator Peter Nwaoboshi influence Delta Politicians in the national space especially during his tenure as state PDP chairman?

Like they say, charity begins at home. So let me approach this question by first drawing attention to how Senator Peter Nwaoboshi influenced Deltan politicians even before he became a senator.

During Senator Nwaoboshi’s tenure as State PDP chairman,he offered Anioma politicians (those with value) to shine and make unprecedented impacts. I am not even talking about politicking here. Without him being the state PDP chairman, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity of being the Oshimili North PDP youths leaders, whose oversight covers the entire youths in the local government, and an opportunity from which we got nothing less than 100 people engaged in various top jobs. Nwaoboshi’s representative as Delta North representative at the senate is clearly recorded as the best since the First Republic.

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