The current scarcity and high prices of onions in Nigeria especially the southern parts have generated some hilarious comments amongst respondents on social media with northerners [the sellers] and southerners[the buyers] exchanging friendly banters.

From photographs of people posing,  well-dressed with trays full of onions seeking intimate relationships with potential suitors, to photoshopped images of wedding engagement rings with an onion bulb as a jewel embedded on the ring, and pompous looking owners of bags of onions feeling heady with their bags of treasure, the social media space is awash with images depicting the ongoing scarcity of onions in the Southern part of the country.

Abdulwahab  Bolakale posted a photo of an onion distributor standing beside dozens of bags of onions in s rural farming community with a caption saying “meet the richest man in my village right now. In fact all the village girls no longer listen to us except this Onion Dangote guy”.

Chika Oparaodu also posted an image of a well-dressed gentleman with a tray of onions saying “men now use onions instead of money to Impress ladies.

Amarachi Kalu while responding to taunts by some northerners who bragged about their onion production monopoly reminded the jesters that it is a two-way thing. “You either hold on to your onions or we will hold onto our money because it is a perishable food crop. None of us will be doing each other a favour in that way”.

Tari Thompson in his post, asked the onion hoarders to keep holding to their onions while he holds onto his own onions – crude oil.
On a more serious note, Stephen Olaoluwa called for prayers for farmers in the Northern part of the country against the incessant attacks and extortion by bandits. According to Olaoluwa, the farmers should have good motorable roads for easy access to their farms.
Isah Abdulmumeen responded by reminding people that “you can’t burn truckloads of onions and expect the dealers to keep bringing onions to your zone. Before you do anything good or bad, think about the consequences.”

Meanwhile, the unavailability of onions in the Southern part of Nigeria continues

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