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For people living in Asaba, take note of this information, especially at night

It happened few minutes to 8pm. A lady holding phone and handbag lost both items to keke riders along Jesus Saves Road/Leo Okogwu road, behind Konwea plaza on Sunday night, November 22, 2020. It was a subject of discuss inside the keke I boarded heading home from Konwea plaza. I overheard the rider and the other passenger discussing it and I had to stretch my ears to get the full gist.

The full gist is that some occupants in a keke stopped in front of the lady, collected her phone and handbag from her and zoomed away. The lady shouted but it was too late for anybody to chase the keke rider and get the occupants apprehended. Everybody is aware that police are not on the road any longer and the thieves may have a field day. As it is now, the menace may increase as we get to close to Christmas.

The keke rider told the other passenger that the keke riders involved in such crimes are those who are not registered with any park in the town. He said they had set up task force to clampdown on all riders who are not registered with anybody in Delta city.

Everybody should be careful with their belongings. Night movement should be restricted. The governor’s curfew begins from 10pm. But I don’t see how effective is that curfew. The security men that should have been in charge are those not ready to be on the road.
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