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Supreme Court Verdict: Ihedioha, Uzodinma Disagree On Claim Of Disqualification

Imo state governor, Emeka Ihedioha and the 2019 governorship candidate of the Imo state All Progressives Congress, Senator Hope Uzodinma, have disagreed on the interpretation being given to the last judgement of the Supreme Court, where it disqualified Uche Nwosu on the issue of double candidature.

It was gathered yesterday in Owerri, that what may have sparked the latest controversy was when Ihedioha, through his Special Adviser on Media, Steve Osuji, interpreted the Supreme Court judgement on disqualification of Nwosu, saying that Uzodinma, was no longer a candidate of the APC.

However, this statement from Ihedioha, was seen as predicting the Supreme Court and as well a contempt of the court by Senator Uzodinma, adding that Ihedioha was aware that the case of Imo guber is currently before the apex court.

Apart from this issue of supreme court, both Ihedioha and Uzodinma, argued on the Reverend Father Mbaka prophesy, that “Hope is coming” Ihedioha felt bad that by Mbaka saying that Hope is coming, it meant that his position as governor could be under threat.

As a result of that Ihedioha, described Mbaka as a laughing stock boosting that Imo people love him (Ihedioha) and are happy with what he has done so far.

In this, Uzodinma, looked at Ihedioha and warned him not to pour insults on a man of God. He reminded Ihedioha, that it was the same Mbaka which he (Ihedioha) invited to pray for him at the government House adding that Ihedioha, would have been happy to have any prophesy in his favour.

Their war of words according to Ihedioha through Steve Osuji goes thus: “We read with utter dismay, the so-called ‘prophecy’ by Fr. Ejike Mbaka concerning the the on-going election petitions in Imo State.
“The matter which is between the winner and incumbent governor, Emeka Ihedioha, CON, and three others including Chief Hope Uzodinma is currently before the Supreme Court, the highest judicial arbiter in the land.

“At this juncture, it is only commonsensical that all parties will defer to the supreme dictates of the legal institutions of our land. But nay, we have seen so much desperation manifested by the petitioners. “Having lost in the Tribunal and Appeal Court, they have taken to the media castigating the judiciary without let.

We believe this desperation has crept into the church and they have found a willing tool in a so-called Catholic priest, Fr. Mbaka. “He said Imo people have suffered. Where was he these past eight years when Imo was being ravaged? Imo people now has a Governor they are happy with in EMEKA IHEDIOHA.

They voted for him and he has been magnificent so far! “No matter the garb with which Fr. Mbaka dresses his comments, what he has said represents a calculated contempt of the highest court in the land and we believe judicial notice has been taken; though this is an unprecedented low in cases of contempt. Even if Fr. Mbaka claims to be illiterate or ignorant, these are not excuses in law.

“Finally, we are not perturbed by Fr. Mbaka’s vituperations. Unbeknownst to him he now dances naked, the whole world has seen through his antics and the farce he presents as prophesy every time.

“Recently we saw his attempt to publicly arm-twist Peter Obi to dole out money to him Once again, Fr. Mbaka has made himself a laughing stock by making yet another wild and unguarded utterance in the name of prophecy.

“If only he knew that by a recent Supreme Court judgement, his Hope ceased to be a candidate in the last election

“Futher, we take solace in the holy bible which is replete with warnings about false prophets. It also cautions us about people who steal in the name of God, people filled with the spirit of marmon… but beware, God is not mocked!

“We are even more concerned that the Catholic Church has allowed this charade to go on for so long. But we know for sure that Light shall prevail over darkness eventually” Uzodinma made his own feelings known through his Director of media, Declan Emelumba. He said: “Governor Ihedioha had a few months ago invited Fr Mbaka to come and bless the government house for him, adding If he does not believe in him ( Fr. Mbaka) as an anionted man of God would he have invited him to come and pray for him in government house”.

“He believes that since the governor has on his own accord publicly assaulted on anointed Priest of God who he believes in, he has incurred the wrath of God who warned us in the bible not to touch his anointed nor do them any harm, and therefore stands guilty of contempt of God.

“On Ihedioha’s claim that a supreme court judgement of December 20 nullified his candidacy of APC, Uzodimma said the claim,coming from a man in his position, was a reckless demonstration of lack of respect for the judiciary because. “It was an unbridled wilful and malicious falsification of the sacred records of the highest court in the land.

“The truth which is well known to Ihedioha is that the supreme court judgement on Uche Nwaosu does not in any way affect Uzodimma’s APC candidacy. “The supreme court judgement declared that the double nomination of Nwosu as the governorship candidate of APC and AA was illegal and therefore void. Uzodimma’s candidacy was not an issue all through the case from high court to appeal to supreme court.

“However since the supreme court has declared as void Nwosu’s double nomination, how then can a void and clinically dead issue resurrect to affect Uzodimma. “Even if the supreme court held that Nwaosu was ab initio the authentic candidate of APC by his nomination, which nomination and candidacy it declared void, how can a void act resurrect to affect Uzodimma who contested the election as APC candidate.”

Culled from Vanguard

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