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We help our Customers in planning and managing their financial lives –Nwankwo(How To Grow)

By : Ike Abiagom & Joyce Uhuegbue

Mr Jude Obinna Nwankwo
Chairman/CEO, How To Grow Ltd.
Some leaders are born, some achieve leadership, some have leadership thrust upon them, while only very few have all three embedded in them. Jude Obinna Nwankwo , the founding Chairman, How To Grow Limited, the trail-blazing business/Financial  mogul par excellence from  Anambra State, is one of the few good men. He is an embodiment of cerebral articulation, the essence of unparalleled philanthropy, the epitome of intellectual and breathtaking simplicity. The personification of undiluted humanness, the perfect example of leadership symbolism, the paragon of idealism, the soul of humanity, the heart of warrior, the perfect gentleman. It is certainly impossible to gloss over his attributes for greatness. He is a perfect gentleman, a man of valour, the bringer of rain. In the gallery of great leaders and great men, he is without doubt, a rare masterpiece.

The true worth of a man is in the way he treats people who are absolutely in need. If you care about people in need, you are actually making a contribution to the development of the nation. We need to give life back to the people. We need to see how we can use the available resources for everybody; create opportunities for all and care, especially for those who are truly in need. The gap between the rich and the poor should be bridged. We must strike a balance with our resources.” This is the Philosophy of Mr Jude Obinna Nwankwo.

In this exclusive interview with Newsbreeze Magazine,he stressed on the need to inculcate the culture and attitude of daily SAVINGS for the betterment of  lives in  Nigeria..


Sir, Can we meet you ?

 I am Mr Jude Obinna Nwankwo and am from Anambra State.

 Sir, can you tell us more about Your company How To Grow Ltd.,?

How To Grow Limited is a limited liability company. We desire among other things to create an institution where quality service delivery is a priority. An institution that cares for your financial growth, property management and quality constructed buildings. How To Grow Limited is an institution aimed at providing essential services to the general public. Such services include:

  • Financial Management
  • Building Constructions
  • Estate Development/Management

Since its establishment in the year 2000 and since then we have nine branches now, How To Grow Limited has consistently built relationships with her customer, focusing on the fundamentals of good strategy, strong liquidity, risk management and leadership.Over these years, How To Grow Limited has played a key role in financially empowering her numerous customer through inculcating in them the culture and attitude of SAVINGS. This prudent financial management and integrity has mapped us out as the best brand in Micro/Thrift Savings within Onitsha in Anambra State, Nigeria and its environs in consonance with the brand vision. We ensure that our client get not only his desire but also value for his money. Our designs are superb. Our teams are professionals.

Our brand promise is to always deliver the ultimate “gold standard” of value and excellence. This commitment is anchored on the company’s inherent values of passion, honesty, integrity, team work and people.

Sir, Can you tell us the  working Principles of this Institution?

Our Working Principles we mean those unique attributes, perceptions, norms and values that every staff of this organization must possess and portray. Those principles determine our character, approach to issues and our sense of service to people. Those working principles are what we called the 4Fs and they are:

Focus: This principle concerns with our sense of purpose, our vision and mission; our sense of commitment to self goal; our consistency to quality service delivery.

Every staff of the organization must portray this sense of duty and internal motivation.

Financial Management:

It is one thing to make money; it is another thing to manage such fund. In this part of the world, people expend money not necessarily to satisfy their needs but on the sheer fact that they have the money at hand. This perception made people to spend inappropriately and end up always in need of money.

We really don’t know how to grow money through proper planning and investment. There is this high propensity to spend than to save for rainy day. Yet we struggle daily to make money. And this is what we do in How To Grow Multi-Purpose cooperative limited. We help our members in planning and managing their financial lives through Micro Savings and Loans.


  • Teach our members how to save by encouraging them to save daily.
  • Teach them how to manage their funds by encouraging them to invest properly.
  • Teach and guide them on investment plans, processes and management.
  • Save them from financial frustration.
  • Help them in realization of their dreams and goals.

We help in poverty eradication through our Micro credit facilities with little or no interest at all.


  1. Focus: This principle concerns with our sense of purpose, our vision and mission; our sense of commitment to self goal; our consistency to quality service delivery.

Every staff of the organization must portray this sense of duty and internal motivation.

  1. Fast: All the activities in this organization is time bound hence, this principle looks at effective and efficient time management. It also considers physical and mental fitness, agility, smartness and multi-tasking skills.
  • Friendly: In How To Grow Limited, we believe that things get better when people get closer. We aspire at all times to ensure mutual understanding between the company and her clients. We value our clients and respect their individual differences. Just Come Let’s Reason Like Friends.

FlexibleIn How To Grow Limited, a level playing ground exists for all. We so much believe in dialogue and we always empathize with our clients.

How To Grow Ltd. Manager receiving An Award at Asaba recently on behalf of the company as ” The Grassroots Financial Builders of the Year 2019″


Sir, Apart from Savings and Financial Management, what other services do you render to the Public?

Thank you ,We have How To Grow Electronics and Properties , which is a subsidiary of How To Grow Group that deals specifically on genuine, durable and quality electronics and other household properties.

Our interest is to ensure that genuine electronic products are brought closer to the people hence, save them from buying fake products that are prevalent in the open market.We deal on quality brands such as LG Products, Samsung Products, Midea Products, Thermocool Products, Termashi Products and any other quality brand in the country.

We ensure that all our products are of good quality and standard. We equally ensure that all our products especially the electronics have warranty.

We offer this after-sales-service to give our clients convenience. However, the customer has an option here. We maintain and service every product purchased from us especially those ones on warranty.

We have experts who install gadgets especially those that are very technical.

What would you like to be remembered for ?

I will like to be remembered as a man who helped people in planning and managing their financial lives through Micro Savings, make them to grow financially and be financially independent.

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